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Integrated cloud services from Microsoft

At Revertis we are committed to Microsoft Azure

Revertis is your trusted official Microsoft Azure Partner. We advise you in the best way during the process of transforming your company to the cloud.

Microsoft’s secure, flexible, scalable, available and technological cloud platform.

We have our own methodology to define the best Cloud strategy according to the needs and requirements of each business.

Microsoft Azure Expertos


The digitalisation of society is an undeniable fact and this fact has a direct impact on the management, operations and evolution of the business fabric. This digitisation depends to a large extent on the adoption of the services and procedures that the public cloud provides us with today.

Revertis, as an official partner for Microsoft solutions, is your reference provider in the implementation and distribution of your projects related to Azure, also known as the Microsoft Cloud.

As an Azure Partner, we have the skills required by Microsoft as a trusted Solution Cloud provider and we help you to size the services and structure necessary to implement your projects.

As experts in this environment, we mainly carry out complete migration projects of data centres, expansion of required services or increase of computing capacities, backup or disaster recovery solutions, extension of the local network to enable test environments that facilitate the development of projects of your technical teams or even the deployment of complete communication systems that allow you to enable teleworking as well as the integration of external entities such as customers and/or suppliers in your processes in the best possible way. And always with total guarantee and security for your processes and your business.

Immersed in Azure projects since 2014

Our company has been immersed in Azure projects since 2014, when we began to introduce ourselves on this platform, carrying out the migration of the Dynamics AX development environments of some of our clients to the Microsoft cloud as our first projects.

Currently, several of our customers have already completely migrated their entire infrastructure to the Microsoft Cloud and fully trust this platform, having even increased their satisfaction thanks to the reliability and additional services offered by AZURE for the management of their work platforms.

With Revertis you will have a Partner who will help and advise you throughout the process according to your needs, getting the most out of your investment and the greatest satisfaction and confidence in the results obtained. But our work does not end here, because once the Azure projects have been completed, you will find in REVERTIS your reference company that will help you day by day in the management and maintenance of your platform, if required.

We have the necessary structure to provide you not only with the management services you require, but also with periodic status and performance reports, as well as updates on the new developments that are continuously being generated on this platform.

Phase 1: Analysing and assessing your infrastructure and services

We analyse your infrastructure and determine the best strategy for migrating to the cloud. Revertis guides you with professionalism and proximity throughout the transformation of your business to the cloud.

Microsoft Azure Servicio

Phase 2: Plan and design the transformation plan

We define and design the transformation plan, we carry out the planning adapting to the needs of your business without affecting the service in production.

Partner Microsoft Azure Oficial

Phase 3: Migrating your infrastructure to the cloud

We implement and organise all the resources and services necessary for the migration. We coordinate the migration with the systems department to avoid any kind of interruption of the services that are in production.

Phase 4: Implementing monitoring and security systems

We implement the monitoring systems, apply the corresponding security and automated maintenance tasks according to the requirements of each business, and periodically issue monitoring, performance and security reports.

Azure Cloud Services

Phase 5: Back-up

We make backups in the cloud to ensure maximum data availability.

Forget the worries of having your backups locally. With Azure Backup you can make backups in the cloud that are always available and recoverable in the event of any unforeseen event. We offer backup plans for both your local systems and cloud systems.

Microsoft Azure Backup

Phase 6: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery with Azure Site Recovery

ASR enables you to recover your business from any potential disaster. It protects your infrastructure and applications from crashes, prevents any type of malware such as malware or cryptolockers, allows you to create organised recovery plans, and all this at very low costs and in practically immediate recovery times.

By applying this solution, you will be able to return to normal operations until your affected system is recovered. Once your system has recovered, all incremental data will be synchronised back to your infrastructure to continue working normally and with no disruption to your operations.

Azure Site Recovery

Phase 7: New approach to cloud management

Due to the advantages of scalability, elasticity and automation, the cloud requires a new method of administration different from the classic environment known as “On-Premise”. We offer you all the necessary support so that you can integrate this new form of management into your work environment.

Revertis, as a trusted Microsoft Partner, advises, trains and provides all the necessary support so that you can integrate correctly into the cloud environment.


But the most important fundamental fact is the security and accessibility provided by the Microsoft Cloud. In Azure you will have the required security in terms of backups, access and compliance with standards in an integrated and transparent way, without having to purchase any additional external software or service. In addition, access to your infrastructures is guaranteed from anywhere in the world that is connected to the internet, without having to rely on costly dedicated communication solutions in most situations.

Azure Infrastructure Management

Revertis offers you the transfer of the management and optimisation of all your resources in the Azure Cloud. We relieve you of this task.

Revertis takes care of regular technical and economic performance audits. We ensure that the client has the necessary resources when they are needed. We monitor all aspects of billing and periodically propose improvements to our client based on the latest available resources and the client’s needs.

Gestion y monitorizacion coste

Cost sharing

Revertis can take care of the distribution of the cost of your infrastructure according to your business model: by delegation, cost centers, departments, group companies. Revertis distributes the monthly cost according to the agreed distribution, in as many invoices as the end customer wishes. Both nationally and internationally.

If you are thinking that the price or cost of such solutions may be high, nothing further from reality. You should consider that in Azure does not need to make or the initial investment required by local proprietary systems, or even size your hardware needs for the peak of work, which would force you in local facilities to face higher infrastructure costs, knowing that most of the time this platform would be underutilized.

In Azure, you only pay for services consumed, as you use them. Most of the computing services consumed are billed on a price/hour basis, allowing you to adapt perfectly to your changing needs. So, for example, if at a particular time (end of the year, intensive billing for the month or seasonal sales period, for example) your company requires an increase in computing capacity, you can immediately increase this capacity and meet the additional cost only for as long as your needs require it, reducing your capacity and cost again as soon as your needs have returned to baseline.

Reparto de costes

Cost reduction

With Azure you will not have to deal with licensing costs for servers or database management systems, such as SQL, for example, as they are already incorporated in the cost of the price/hour of the machines being used. You are also allowed to carry over or hybridize your existing licenses in Azure. You will also not have to worry about reserving and fitting out workspaces for your data processing centers (DPCs), servers, communication systems, etc… You will not need to deal with specific electricity installations, or even the monthly electricity costs that a local DPC entails.

But one of the most important facts is the reduction in personnel costs required to manage your local infrastructure, because in the case of AZURE, a large part of the tasks and actions that usually perform the systems department teams, is already directly delegated or even automated in the cloud or you can directly outsource the services of REVERTIS for these tasks, passing these fixed monthly personnel costs to a variable cost depending on the growth or behavior of your business.

Change of Billing System

If you have already contracted Azure with the Pay-As-You-Go model (direct monthly billing from Microsoft from your credit card), Revertis can take over your account. It can be converted to a fixed monthly model optimizing costs so that the customer knows exactly what they are paying for. By contracting Azure through Revertis, customers have a local partner as their contact. They still own their subscriptions, but Revertis takes care of the technical and financial management. At Revertis we believe that customers should only pay for the resources they need.

Sistema facturacion

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