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Why trust Revertis as a Dynamics 365 Partner? At REVERTIS, we have been implementing and migrating the different versions of Dynamics AX, currently Dynamics D365, for more than 10 years. We are only dedicated to this environment.

That is why we define ourselves as specialists in Microsoft solutions. It is our customers who classify us as Dynamics D365 specialists.

Especialistas en Dynamics 365

Evolution of D365

Over the years, we have seen how the product has evolved. More and more functionality has been added. The need for modifications or customisations to complement the company’s operating circuits has been reduced.

Ecosistema 365

Dynamics 365 Ecosystem

The same applies to the management and maintenance needs of the environment itself. Microsoft has been reducing this to the current D365 pay-as-you-go licensing model. You only need to pay a monthly licence fee to get up and running. Currently, no infrastructure sizing and procurement project is required. No installation is required and no subsequent maintenance of the product is necessary. In fact, the current working model has many advantages. You will not have to deal with new version migration projects once you are already on D365.

Evolucion AX-3

D365 acquisition mode

The process of acquiring your users’ licences for D365 can be likened to the same process of acquiring Office 365. It is as simple as purchasing the licence. Everything else you need to use the software is already included in the licence. Infrastructure, day-to-day maintenance and even future product upgrades are offered to you as value-added services. All included in the cost of the D365 licence purchased.

Technical Advantages of Dynamics D365

With D365 you will not need staff to carry out maintenance tasks such as: backups, database management, optimisation processes, etc… You will not need to worry about installations or infrastructure. All these needs are included in the licence price. Microsoft already takes care of enabling what is necessary for your specific case. You can see how, from the outset, we have just reduced a very important part of the time and management required for contracting ERP implementation projects.

No further migration

In traditional models, once the implementation was complete, you had to deal with version migration projects every few years. You had to deal with costs similar to a product implementation, plus all the management and adaptation costs for your employees and your company. Again, with D365, this situation is now a thing of IT history. With D365, you never have to deal with a version migration project again. Microsoft takes care of keeping your cloud installation up to date. It adds new features that you can enable or disable, depending on your specific needs.

New Dynamics D365 implementation scheme

As you can see from these explanations, ERP implementations today are a far cry from the initial projects of 10, 15 or more years ago. Likewise, the assessment of these projects becomes extremely simple. D365 implementations basically consist of only two components to evaluate; the cost of the licenses and the cost of the implementation project. That is all.

The first concept is clearly delimited by Microsoft according to each of the three types of existing licences that it must assign to each of its employees. No more is needed.

The second concept will depend on the depth of your implementation or migration project. Revertis can provide you with comparative costs for similar situations. They will give you a very rough guide that will allow you to be fairly accurate in your time, staffing and financial forecasts.

Advantages of working with Revertis on D365

If we talk about the content and inner workings of the ERP, the current business circuits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 are practically implemented. They are very easy to parameterise. Of course, the finance modules are of immediate implementation. There are very specific cases where very specific financial needs may be required. Moreover, after years of work and specialisation, at REVERTIS we now have fairly standard procedures for loading and initialising data. We can provide you with the basic technical documentation adapted to your needs, training, testing and start-up support required in each case in record time.

However, it is clear that not everything is immediate. From REVERTIS, we understand as essential to know how to detect for each situation the fundamental and differential facts that identify or define the know-how of each company. These facts must be taken into consideration in each case and very often. They are the origin of some of the most relevant customisations that we can apply to our clients. It is our job as consultants and implementers specialised in D365 to offer you the complete solution that guarantees your differentiation and growth compared to your competitors.

Additionally, during all these years, we have complemented the operation of the standard product, generating some solutions that today we commercialise as installable packages. As an example of our integrated solutions, we highlight:

  • Management of SII-related needs
  • Incident management
  • Integration of mail and messaging directly into Dynamics.
  • Integrated bank reconciliation.

In our own products section of this website you will find details of all our solutions.

Integración de D365 en su equipo laboral

Another fundamental factor on which we are 100% focused is people management. There is no business project that succeeds if it is not thanks to the implication of a serious, committed, responsible and properly managed work team. From REVERTIS, we understand as fundamental the fact of promoting the necessary motivation between its employees and users of the system. It is the guarantee of the major degree of acceptance and usability on the part of the users. An important part of this acceptance is already given by the own technology and methods that Microsoft applies in its work tools. They are very intuitive and easy to use for users. We take care of showing your teams the advantages that the new system will bring them, as well as the increase in their skills to use in a simple way these tools of last generation.

In short, in REVERTIS you will find the distributor of Microsoft solutions that will help you to maximize the combination Product – Company – Partner, adapting us to your needs and requirements and providing you with all our experience and know-how that year after year we are accumulating.

Trabajo en equipo Dynamics

D365, the next generation of ERP from Microsoft.

D365 is the evolution of Dynamics AX in a Cloud environment. It follows the evolutionary line of all Microsoft’s predecessor products. With D365 you get much more than just a Cloud version of its previous version, Dynamics AX 2012 R3. With D365 you enable an integrated environment with O-365, native BI and AI tools.

d365 Implantación Revertis

Using and deploying ERP is now much easier. Customers can use the full ERP without any upfront investment. There is no need to worry about installation, infrastructure, access or security. Nor do they have to spend time and resources on these tasks. All of these previous tasks that were essential to have the basis of ERP functioning are now integrated in the simple action of purchasing the licence. With the purchase of the licence, Microsoft provides you with everything you need to run the working environment. You only need to enter your user code in a web application to access all your business information and resources.

You only need to pay monthly licence fees for each of your employees accessing the system, just as you already do with the Office-365 model.

Customers can contract the complete ERP with the version that best suits their situation.

  • Dynamics D365 Finance
  • Dynamics D365 Supply Chain Management
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Dynamics D365 Human Resources
  • Dynamics 365 Retail

Or you can buy more specific applications:

  • Dynamics 365 Sales
  • Dynamics 365 Marketing
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service
  • Dynamics Project Service Automation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation with REVERTIS

In REVERTIS we have more than 10 years fulfilling the expectations of our customers with the implementation and maintenance services of Microsoft ERP. From REVERTIS we help you in the definition of your implementation project. From the requirements taking, through the migration of your data and the parameterization and adaptation of the tool to your business. We accompany our clients in all the stages of their projects. We offer training to end users and their IT departments in the use and maintenance of the system. In REVERTIS we also offer the management and maintenance of your systems, if this is your situation.

Implantación con Revertis

We advise on the selection of products for your business. The D365 Cloud format allows you to increase the number of users or contract licenses depending on the progress of the project gradually, thus optimizing the use of resources.

In REVERTIS we not only make the implementation of your ERP, but we offer a global vision of the technological change that your company can achieve with the use of Microsoft technologies. Also in terms of access and mobility models on both internal and external staff, as well as analysis or exploitation of data. In this way, we can facilitate integration with customers and suppliers to automate those business processes that today can lead to an improvement and optimization of daily operations.

Migration from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 with Revertis

If your company is working on any version of Dynamics AX, REVERTIS is the ideal partner to accompany you in a successful migration to the new working environment of D365. In REVERTIS we have more than 10 years offering service in all versions of Dynamics AX and AXAPTA.

Migración a Dynamics 365

We can quickly evaluate the adaptations made to your environment and compare them to the standard functions of the new ERP D365. The customer can decide if he prefers to use the new standard functionalities or to keep part of his customisations in the new working environment.

From REVERTIS we ensure that the transition of your On-Premise licenses is the most advantageous for your organization. We work to optimise the cost of licences.

In REVERTIS we not only do the migration of your ERP, but we offer you a global vision of the technological change that your company can achieve with the use of Microsoft technologies.

Also in terms of access and mobility models on both internal and external staff, as well as analysis or exploitation of data. In this way, we can facilitate integration with customers and suppliers to automate those business processes that today can lead to an improvement and optimisation of daily operations.

D365 On-Line vs D365 On-Premise

If your organisation prefers to maintain local control of its installation, Microsoft offers the D365 On-Premise version instead of the D-365 On-Line version. Although the use and execution of both versions by the organisation’s users is practically identical, with some exceptions, the implementation model for this on-premise version does require the traditional approach to the ERP implementation model. It would require the preparation of a preliminary infrastructure project, definition of access and communications, permissions and security, etc.

D365 on line vs D365 on premise

The main advantage of the On-Line model is precisely the saving of all these tasks, which are not necessary at all, together with the subsequent costs derived from the maintenance and management of the local infrastructure, which disappear completely in the On-Line model. In the On-Line model, it is the Microsoft organisation itself that provides these infrastructures, similar to what it is doing today with SharePoint On-line for file management and Office-365. Moreover, we have the additional advantage that the management of these infrastructures is carried out with the means and security that guarantee the absolute professionalism of Microsoft’s services.

In REVERTIS we can help you to evaluate the convenience of installing D365 on-premises or On-Line for your specific case.

How to license D365

There are mainly three types of licences:

  • Full users
  • Activity or Device
  • Teams Members

Forma de licenciar

From REVERTIS we advise you in the selection of the type of licence to acquire for each user, with the aim of optimising the monthly cost of the solution.

D365 user training

In REVERTIS we offer training in D365 for your users, both level 1 and level 2 or advanced. We adapt the training to the needs of each department of the company and to the level of the users, working in the end customer’s own test or development environment. We recommend this route, as training using the company’s own data and real examples is always more profitable and successful.

We recommend groups of less than 8 people so that the sessions are dynamic. The training can be given either at the client’s offices or at our own. REVERTIS has rooms perfectly adapted to carry out the training if the client wishes.

D365 training for IT department

In REVERTIS we also offer training to the members of the IT department of our clients. In this case they are training sessions for smaller groups of 2 or 3 people maximum. We recommend spacing the sessions over time. The training for the IT department is specific to each client. We provide a general study plan that we adapt to the needs of the team before starting. We recommend that the training takes place in our offices in order to reduce interruptions and promote learning.

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